Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The T20 Tangle!!

It all begun with the big-3 of Indian Cricket-Sachin, Sourav & Dravid pulling out of the inaugural ICC T-20 WC in South Africa. Resultantly, Team India s Young Brigade proved their mettle by capturing the first -ever T20 WC Trophy. This sparked off a few theories of T20 being a young man s game. Later, more senior players from Australia, New Zealand & South Africa followed suit and withdrew from various T-20 tournaments which only saw these teams perform well on the international stage. But, when these seniors did get a chance to play this slam-bang version of cricket in IPL 2008, their failure seeming concluded such theories that you need to be twenty, to play T20. But this year s IPL changed definitions. The fact that 90% of the top run-getters and wicket-takers are the golden oldies, and that previous IPL winning teams were captained by people above 37yrs of age and that this year s story looks no different, has proved that be it Tests or T20s,
experience matters.. For now, let s let the old men enjoy!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Real Battle of the IPL..

This year s edition of the IPL has been very exciting and inarguably the most enthralling one so far. What was particularly good to see was all teams slogging it out till the end to make the cut for the semis. However, while all teams were busy on the ground, the real match seemed to be happening outside between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor. Just like the IPL, both parties slogged it out till the end, throwing allegations at each other and defending dis-honest stands. Though Mr. Tharoor said he wanted to promote cricket in Kerela, it appeared as if his intention was towards Dubai, giving 25% sweat equity & an eye-popping deal to Sunanda Pushkar, marketing head of a Dubai-based co. In the end, the genius of Modi proved too much for Tharoor, who had to wash hands off his ministry. But with I-T Sleuths raiding Modi s offices, all may still not be well. However, that shifts the focus back to the IPL. Though one battle has ended for now, the one on the
ground has just begun. Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

IPL And The Way Forward

Since a little known guy came up with the idea of an independant cricketing league three years back, cricket has never been the same. Each day since its inception, the Former President of Rajasthan Cricket Association and his multi-billion dollar baby have broken every imaginable record and shattered all glass ceilings like an axe piercing the branch of a tree. It s turned all cricketers into millionaires & administrators into billionaires. In less than three years, it is already making other prominent century old leagues, run for their money. But in order to continue this ascent, IPL Com. Lalit Modi needs to come up with more ideas. If I may, I think a tournament like the FA Cup or Europa Cup of Soccer will do us a lot of good. Also, don t forget what a Club World Cup can do for the sport. Ensuring year long cricketing action helps enhance brand visibility, bringing in more cash, and I leave it to Mr. Modi to complete the sentence. For now, IPL Awards
and new teams are enough to keep us all hooked!!