Saturday, December 19, 2009

A man who Let His Light Shine

A few days ago, our school co-ordinator Mrs. Gandhi ringed me up to confirm my presence at school for the next day. Caught b/w my day classes at the institute and my duties as the head of the school cabinet, I agreed to her proposal. It is custom at Rosary that every year, the respective heads of the staff & student councils alongwith the Principal meet the Auxiliary Bishop & Bishop to greet them on Christmas, which was why my presence was indispensible. We left for the Destination with bouqets, cards and gifts and reached there in about an hour. The Bishop was a man of purpose & focus,& The Aux. Bishop was a humble, soft man with kindness pouring down his eyes. Both of them received us warmly and we sang carols for them, gave them gifts, had a brief chat and bid adeiu. And then we met someone who left a deep impact in my mind- Fr. Panakal, our 1st Principal. An aged man, he still recalled his days with pride, & told us how he coined "Let Your Light
Shine", our school motto; a man who lived by his word always

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can a war ever be justified?

A Few days ago, President Obama accepted the Peace Nobel by the Norweigan Nobel Committee in Oslo, at a time when America is fighting two wars- first, a morally justified one against global terror in Afghanistan & the other, a more debatable one in Iraq. He himself acknowledged the irony but that is not what makes it so unique. What he really did was that Obama answered an annoying question that seems to be hovering in every intelligible human mind and more importantly a question that the world has been asking America since their invasion of Iraq- Is a war ever justified? Is it really necessary to kill or risk getting killed to obtain peace? To answer this question, Obama mentioned the lines of Mandela," a war no matter how justified promises human tragedy." For war never is, was or will be right solution to attain peace, but some wars have to be fought to protect the right causes, right fundamentals & the right people. There is evil in the world & till it exists, we all have to come together to fight it...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Agony Of Being Obama

One of the most hilarious piece of news I heard of was that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama is getting his nobel (sarcasm) for sending more troops to Afghanistan!! What is really sad to see is that such columnists still don't know that this war was not started by Obama, and that he is sending in more backup only to try to end it soon and for good.
It was started nearly a decade back when four choppers were hi-jacked, and made to hit the tallest towwer of the world, a time when despair was fighting against hope, a time when thousands of innocnt Americans lost their lives, a time when the world economy took a bad tumble. It was started when Millions of American lives were taken for no fault of theirs. This war was started when Bush took a stupid and un-analysed action which till date, has failed to produce any formidable outcome and achieve any satisfactory goal. However, President Obama's announcement shows thta he is trying change all that, he is trying to give this war a new direction, a new meaning, a new goal, so that America and thousands of young Americans don't fight in the mountains of Afghanistan, just for the name-sake of fighting, but for the sake of defeating those barbaric butchers who rattled the world by setting new limits of crime and mis-demeanor. President Obama is only aiming to get those innocent Americans back home who fight day and night without a proper plan, or without any success, in a land where corruption is bliss and justice is denied. Mr. Obama, is trying to ensure that these brave and courageous warriors fight for a noble cause, a cause of peace, a cause of humanity, and this time by of fighting on the right side and in the right way i.e. not as a bully, (read President Bush) but as a ally and friend to the noble cause of peace, justice and humanity and everyone who believes in the same values and ideals.
And that is why I think that President Obama deserves this nobel more than anyone.
After all, if Sir. Alfred Bernard Nobel can be hailed for his creation of the Dynamite in order to stop a prolonged battle, can't President Obama be treated the same way for trying to do the same thing by sending more troops and ariving at a meaningful conclusion to this war against global terror?

Ignorance is Bliss, where folly is wise!!

One of the most amazing facts of human behavior that I have come across is their tendency to oversee the truth. I have myself done that quite a number of times, as I now realise it and I am sure most of us have all done it at one or the other point of time in our lives. Think of the poorest and ugliest person you have ever come across and think of your reactions and feelings towards them. Now think of many more people like them. Doesn't your reaction change? One needy destitute fills us with despondence but a number of such incident tend to make us indifferent and ignorant towards them. We start to believe that it is all a hoax, that the world is a beautiful place where everyone is happy. And that is right, the world is a very happy and beautiful place to live in but we mustn't forget that we can make a better place for the future generations, for the upcoming people of the world from whom we have borrowed this Earth and to whom we have to return it, and that so in a condition better than before..