Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vengeful eve-teaser's gang kills youth, injures two

Read on this story to know what the world is coming to...
This is an exert from the article written for the Mid-Day yesterday...

" Vengeful eve-teaser's gang kills youth, injures two

Six friends had gone for dinner in Amboli, when a barber's advances towards one of the girls led to a heated argument; he returned with a gang of 13 for the gruesome revenge

A friends' night out turned into a macabre night of horrors in Amboli on Thursday, ending in the brutal death of a 24-year-old youth. Another injured victim lies in a critical condition in Kokilaben hospital. The youths were attacked by a gang of goons after they protested the unwelcome advances of an eve-teaser.

'I'll be back'
According to the DN Nagar police, three friends - Keenan Santos (24), Reuben Fernandez (29), and Avinash Solanki (31), all residents of Amboli, Andheri (West) went out for dinner to a restaurant, Amboli, in the locality on Thursday.

They were accompanied by Santos and Fernandez's girlfriends, and a common friend. Having finished dinner at 11 pm, they stepped out for some paan.

As they waited by the local paanwala's stall, they were accosted by a drunken man, who has been identified as Jitendra Rana. Rana, who is a barber, allegedly made sexual advances towards Santos's girlfriend.

Unable to stomach his offensive remarks, Santos confronted the man, who then turned violent. A heated verbal exchange ensued between the two. Santos and his friends shoved the eve-teaser away, who beat a hasty retreat, promising that he would be back soon.

Though shaken, Santos and his friends did not take Rana's threat seriously, and strolled along, chewing on paan. Ten minutes later, however, Rana returned, this time with reinforcements.

Three friends - Sunil Both, Satish Durgaj, and Deepak - accompanied him. Soon, a gang of about 13 goons, armed with swords and knives, emerged from three auto rickshaws that pulled up in front of the youngsters.

Revenge rampage
Rana then reached for Santos and stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. The impact of the knife was so deep that Santos's intestines spilled out.

Panicking, the three girls ran back inside the restaurant. Noticing that the goons were pursuing them, Fernandez rushed to their rescue, standing in their way. The goons responded by stabbing Fernandez four times. Bali managed to escape with minor stab wounds.

Santos and Fernandez were rushed to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital. At around 1 am, Santos was pronounced dead by doctors. Fernandez is still struggling for his life.

Hearing of the attack, Santos' father Valerian rushed to the hospital. "I drove to the hospital, and reached to find my son struggling for his life. He breathed his last within minutes," said Valerian.

Santos, who was working at Novotel Hotel in Juhu, had announced his plans to submit his papers to secure a job in Dubai, hours before his death.

Santos's grieving girlfriend said, "When Rana approached me, I could smell the alcohol from his breath. He ran away when Santos shoved him. He threatened that he would come back for revenge, but we couldn't imagine
that he would retaliate in this manner."

Vijay Kumar Bhoite, senior police inspector at DN Nagar police station said that they had conducted a combing operation and detained 30 men from the locality. "We have arrested Rana, Both and Durgaj. We are on the lookout for the fourth accomplice, Deepak," he said.

"We have asked the hotel to give us their CCTV grabs, so we can find out how many more goons were involved in the crime," added Bhoite.

This is really sad to see. Something like this happening is a shameful event not just for the people of the place, but also for the law-enforcement agencies situated around.
Firstly, these people have the courage to tease a girl, then let alone gt into an argument with someone else for doing it, and if that was not enough, bringing "enforcements" to help injure the righteous.
I have no idea how the people around them, those who witnessed this can sleep at night. They, unwillingly become the partners-in-crime, by simply doing nothing, when they should have steeped up the ante.
Secondly, some eye-opening incident for the enforcement agencies, the cops. But what I fail to understand is the simple and basic fact that they needed such an event to happen to take any action.
Really, a shame to see this happen. Never should such an event be allowed to happen again, let alone reach this magnitude...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things to never do on Facebook

There is a set of guidelines to follow in a relationship, and then there is another set to be followed when exposing your personal life on a social-networking site. A breach of these could result in the shocking tragedy of Malini Murmu, the 23-year-old IIM student who committed suicide after reading her former boyfriend's tactless status update: "Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy Independence Day."

The onus of Malini's actions does not rest solely on her ex-boyfriend's keyboard happiness; there is more to the matter than meets the eye. However, this is an immense cause of concern about the far-reaching effects social-networking sites can have on people's lives. Especially since people tend to have more 'courageous' online personalities than offline ones.

Clinical psychologist Alina Philip says, "Much like the media, social networking sites reach everybody. Therefore, we need to follow ethics and be extremely sensitive to what goes up on them. "

Admit it
As much as social networks allow us to stay connected with people across the demographics, they are partly superficial.

And we get to be pretentious. Most status updates and pictures are to show how witty you are, how much fun and interesting your life is, how deep you are - basically a concentrated effort to dictate a perception of the unique snowflake that is you.

While there is nothing wrong in this, tread carefully when relationships with others are involved. Making and maintaining relationships need effort, time and direct communication - and all of it invested offline.

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Varkha Chulani, says, "There's a fine line between sharing of information and emotional exhibition." "Love you darling. Muah", "Thanks for last night", "We need to talk" and "I think your sister is fat" does not need to make it on the Wall. These conversations are best had person to person. And if this is not the kind of thing you would say to his/her face, it makes it all the more cowardly to say it online.

Like Philip says, "Would you go to the middle of Azad Maidan screaming that you have broken up? Then why publicise on Facebook? Your personal space is your personal space. Respect it. Do not make a mockery out of it. Maintain the sanity of your relationship."

This extends to changes in relationship messages. From Single to Taken to It's complicated, it's less of sharing of good news and more of hungering for attention. Wouldn't it be wiser to decide on the status of your relationship after you've finished fighting and decided mutually on it?

Also announcing the cementing of your relationship through status change can be awkward if you have not had 'the talk' offline first. Otherwise ABC is happily 'in a relationship' with XYZ, but XYZ hasn't really changed her status from Single.

Be a suit
Taking office gossip and team rivalry online will not reflect well on your resume. Even here, it is better if you solve your problems face-to-face rather than resort to vague sarcastic comments on their status messages and photos.

And no matter how bad your day has been, don't bitch about a client or boss on your blog and Twitter. You may have a friend who knows a friend, who knows the boss. Besides, your future employers could be online and they will think twice about hiring a person with no discretion.

Keep it positive
A rule of thumb is to announce only the positive - a new job, a celebration or new degree. Steer clear of washing dirty linen in public. Do not talk about your bad day at work or your unpleasant marriage. Remember: 500 friends of friends do not need to know.

Pictures have ceased to be snapshots for posterity and grown into frames of exhibitionism. And here you need to be more careful. What seemed funny when you were drunk and in college, will not be as ticklish when you land a job, or when you wake up sober. When the pictures are of somebody else, the responsibility is greater.

You do not know what could land a friend or colleague into trouble and it is best to avoid uploading any picture or video that brings even a shadow of doubt. Happy smiling family pictures may be boring, but they are less likely to land you in a lawsuit.

Pictures of you with your arm around a bikini-clad babe, or shirtless dude after a break-up point less to you being cool and more to you being lame. "This reflects that you are providing solace to yourself that you have a good life, while revealing emotional instability," says Chulani.