Friday, January 1, 2010

IDIOT!! or "I Do It On my-own-Terms!! "

Honestly, I am not really a movie guy and definitely not at all a Hindi movie one. I often lambast most of them for their baseless and predictable storylines; moreover, my board exam preparations also help me in avoiding instances to hit out for a movie. But then there are always a few exceptions, isn't it? Recently, I went for a movie named "3 Idiots", much to the delight of my mother and sister and much to my agony too. (You can imagine my disgust on hearing the title itself!!) Surprisingly , the movie turned out to be one of the best one I've ever come across. It highlights the impetus on practical knowledge, studying with understanding & a purpose, things that I have always stressed on. Its motto," Aspire for excellence & success will chase you" can well be the inspiration during our recessionary times. Truly, Idiot means I Do It On-my-own Terms, all others are just a part of the system plagued by beauracracy & red-tapism. A must watch movie, & more
importantly, one that must be implemented in our lives.

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The Happy About The New Year

To describe the last year, I'd just like to use one word- Overstretched!! From the modern-day recession to the war in Afghanistan, from the uncountable controversies regarding the bill on health care in America, to the H1N1 scare that we witnessed in the middle of the year, from the rise of China, the rumours about the 2012 armageddon, to the rise of climate change apocalypses ; it has altogether been a tough year but certainly one that teaches us a lot of things. And that is also why I am so hopeful regarding the new year- because now anything can hardly go any wronger!! The feeling that the worst may already be over gives a new lease of life in us all. And that's why, this year we've got to do all that is possible, and get things back on track so that as 2010 ends, we can shout "all is well" or rather, saying "all shall be well" which had been our mantra for the over-stretched year that just went by..

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.