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The Bourne Appraisal!

The best experiences in life, can be different and differently originating for different people. It can be through making music for some, through dancing for a few, via diving (Scuba-diving) for further more, and many more things for other people. There can be times when one wonders if that's the most wonderful thing one does, or the most pleasing time that one spends throughout one's days. (People remember and say adventure sports was by biggest experience, or deep-sea diving was my most memorable activity..)
While people have different pleasures, passions & leisure activities they also spend a considerable part of their times, and opportunities in doing them. Musicians compose, artists paint, drivers race, etc

I, on these lines love reading.
Whether it is the day or the night, summer or the winter, blissful or desolate, or any other mood or situation, I find absolute pleasure in reading. It is the most joyous time of my day (or night) when I open up a book to read on what's happening with the characters, or and what is going to turn up next. It is the most superb feeling/experience to discover the true plot of a novel or a book as you reach it's most important phase of the plot- the core of the story.

One such book collection I read and appreciated was- The Bourne Series by Robert Ludlum.

The Bourne Series is based on a man, who is suffering from amnesia. He finds himself washed on a shore, full of bullets, and suffering deep arsenic wounds. Trying to decipher the riddle regarding his identity, finding out who he is, he undertakes a dangerous journey across different locations and cities located all across Europe and America. Revealing such facts would only be easier for our guy, if it weren't for the International Police, and a highly Reputed and Renowned-Worldwide Assassin chasing him..

The Bourne Series is a collection of 3 books- The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne
Ultimatum, respectively.

  The Bourne Identity demonstrates the struggle of our central character, known to the world as as Jason Bourne, to find his identity, and uncover his past (to know) as to why the International police and all major international intelligence Agencies across Europe & America are chasing him, and alongwith that the reason as to why the World's Most Reputed Poltical Assassin is also hunting him down. Along the path to this discovery, Bourne finds Ms. Marie St. Jacques, a Canadian Economist (hailing from France) working for the External Affairs of the Canadian Govt. as his only confidante and helper. Together, they undertake the long, dangerous & uncertain journey of the Identity of Jason Bourne, and uncovering his reality and him being a name and it's history, so dreaded in the international world.

The Bourne Supremacy starts a few years after it's predecessor, The Bourne Identity. The Bourne Supremacy involves the story of the international intelligence professional- Jason Bourne, after he has laid low for a while, avoiding combat & other altercations in an effort to lead a quiet and peaceful life with his wife, Mrs. Marie Webb in the a University in United States. The story starts off revealing the fact that another international hire, by the name of Jason Bourne has taken our character's place, and is killing political & elite leaders in the Middle-East & China. Pushed to the scene of violence and danger once again, Jason Bourne is forced to fight for his identity, for his innocence, for all his cherished achievements and most importantly, for the woman he love the most, in his life.

The third installment- The Bourne Ultimatum, (story) picks up nearly a decade after the issue of the previous title. It stars Jason Bourne, now officially retired from the work and post of combat & counter-assassination from the Govt. and is living peacefully in his house, spending his pleasure days with his wife & family (2 kids) in ease. However, things suddenly take change for the worse, when Jason's most dreaded and renowned enemy resurfaces, and in a last ditch-attempt to re-take his title, wants to eliminate the man who took away most of his reputation and pride on an international level. So, Bourne must not only find him, (and protect his family), but end the story of his most celebrated and hated rival and enemy, once and for all.

By reading this, and not having any other knowledge about the above-mentioned topics will make you think as to why these have been mentioned here. They could have been easily mentioned in a place meant to review books or encourage forumns about the book. So, What is so important or special about these books to find a discussion about them here?

Then again, as they say, never judge a book or a person (by it's cover) or too soon..

 The highlight, of reading or going through this book did not lie in the story and actions of this extraordinary man only, but also in the beautiful portrayal of the characters of Jason Bourne and Marie St. Jacques. Known to the world as the most dangerous professional and warrior around, Jason Bourne is always found in the middle of all problems that happen everywhere. Unaware of the situation and the reasons of his fight or escaping, Jason must manage to outdo every intelligence & security personnel and eliminating international criminals and assassins to protect his most cherished causes. Without any prior information or sources, Jason relies only on his instinct, the instinct of a man trained to kill, to do the right things always, even in the toughest of situations. He does only what he knows how to do, and knows he can still do it. Every such moment or incident of  violence or a fight could be his last, yet Jason doesn't and can't care about himself, but only for the cause he fights, only for the girl he loves, and only for the rules he will always keep, no matter what. He only thinks of the innocent, of the people who deserve more from him, and the acts he has to undertake to ensure there is justice and fairness in this world.

 Marie (Jason's Wife) plays a very important part in the story too. Without her, Jason would probably not have wanted to live in the world itself. She is the reason for his unending inspiration to uphold the right things, to fight for the right causes, to ensure justice to all at all times. In moments of despair she is his only hope, in times of disappointment, she is his only encouragement, and in days of frustration, she is his only support. Marie is to David what a kid is to a teacher, full  of energy and complete, but without a cause or direction to go ahead in. She supports him, helps him, aids him, completes him and loves him.

Jason Bourne, is a man trained & licensed to kill, but one who chooses the right path, no matter what because he believes in upholding the righteous always, protecting the innocent at all times and helping the aggrieved as possible. He kills, but does so for a cause, for a reason, for a motive, and for the right activity, that he knows, must happen.

When you think that something is impossible, just open the Jason Bourne Series, and you'll be astonished to fin out and know what all a man can actually do, if he believes in himself, if he is willing to sacrifice everything in this world for his cause, and if he is willing to go all the way, without any issues!

If you want to read the Jason Bourne Novels, buy the Bourne Series by Robert Ludlum.
Also note that after Robert Ludlum's death, his close friend Eric Van Lustvader continued the practie of intoducing Jason Bourne to the word in his new adventures. These books are- The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Betrayal, The Bourne Saction, The Bourne Deception, The Bourne Objective, The Bourne Dominion & The Bourne Imperative respectively. Since I haven't read about these books, so I cannot express my views on them.

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