Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Summer Sports Blast!!

I love Sports!!

That first line says a lot...  I'm not just any ordinary fan of sports, but a wild, massive and die-hard fan of many players and teams competing against each other in many great tournaments for the ultimate prize, in their battle for victory, glory and respect. The winner sees all, and the others only fancy another chance.

And for any sports fan like me, it is really the ultimate pleasurable activity to sit back and absorb themselves in the fast, passionate, thrilling and entertaining life of sports. For a avid fan, boundaries don't matter, time isn't a constraint and resources comes together to offer a complete package of total bliss and contentment.

This summer is expected to be the best for all the sports enthusiasts and game followers. The summer season can be conveniently stated as the months between April and October (at least in this part of the globe). It features a hoard of events from all genres of sports and games, including the club and international fixtures. While there are some which are a regular and happen every year, there are those that comes once every 4 years also that are happening this summer. Considering the fact that they include events and sports tournaments of global following an importance (Olympics & Euros), their is bound to be lot of interest in these sports. There is thus bound to be a lot of trips and visits in these countries where the events are being hosted and the rest of the people are going to be glued to the television sets for a long time.

You can like a variety of sports, different types of sports. There can be international sports, club events, teams games or individual matches, professional championships and racing series, and many others. No matter which of them captures your fantasy, you can easily enjoy yourself this summer by following them on your boxes & screens (TVs, PCs & Mobiles).

Many events in the sporting arena are annual in nature, they happen once every year. While this helps in keeping the audience occupied, the interest can and following can vary a lot since it isn't possible for players and teams to keep up the same level of performance year after year in each and every tournament. Football Tournaments like the English Premier League or Formula One Racing Championships produce varied and different results nearly every time (of course, there being some exceptions).
This year, there are expected to be many sporting games and events. Some of my favourite ones are:-

Starting from April 7, the world's biggest cricketing carnival begins in India with the Fifth season of the hugely popular Indian Premier League (April 7- May 27). Relying on the sports plus entertainment format, the tournament is a successful place to perform for many unknown players. Active participation of players from all around the world means that most o the cricketing fans in most of the nations don't afford to give it a miss.  

There are also some tournaments that happen during late April & Early May like the Final Matches of all the Football Leagues in Europe and the Champions League. The fact that there have been competitive games and unputdownable results, fans are surely in for a great time! 

Moving a little further in the timeline, we come across The French Open (May 22-June 10). Even though, the interest in such a tournament might be limited to tennis fans, people are well-aware of the legends and rivalries of great players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, etc. these players are on the verge of many milestones, and each success ensures their names in the list of tennis greats in the world. 

The Eurozone Crisis has been the talking point of the entire summer. However, one place where members of all European Nations meet to cheer for each other is at a Football Event! It is the year that we get to see the European nations slug it out in the Football Field with UEFA Euro Championships 2012 (6 June to 1 July) being carried out in Ukraine-Poland. All nations are hungry for their teams to bring some joy by winning the European cup, and uplift the mood caused because of the depression faced by the European Economies. It is also a very competitive tournament, and fans are sure to have the bets time of their lives watching and cheering their teams.

The Championships- Wimbledon (25 June- 8 July) are sure to mention in the calender of every individual-sports' fan. With top quality players slugging it out on the grass courts of the All England Tennis & Croquet association, London is a treat for everyone to watch. With the ultimate prize in the game on stake, every challenger and every admirer is sure to stick to this one.

The mega event of sports is also happening this year. The Olympics Games (July 25 to Aug 12) will be held in London and all nations are excitedly waiting for the tournament to start, and all athletes are aiming for nothing less than a Gold, the most prestigious prize in the history of all Sports.    

The US Open, happens somewhere in September every year and is the last of all four Grand Slams to happen in Tennis every year. Doubtlessly, all players look to make amends for any issues of the past, and all champions look to end the year on a high, in this highly vigorous and fast tournament held annually in New York, US. 

The world of Formula One is a fantasical for all of us. Fast cars, beautiful girls, drivers driving at the top-most speeds without any restrictions sounds straight out of any action movie. We simply cannot stop being happy about the fact that F1 has finally come to India and a race on the Buddha International Circuit (BIC) is a part of the F1 calender. The Indian GP is held in the opening week of October every year and it is a thrill for all of us, and with 2 Indian Drivers (Karun Chandhok and Narain Kartikeyan) and an Indian Team participating in the events, there is no lack of cheering by us to be done.

Any calender is incomplete without any event in the field of cricket. With nearly one-sixth of the entire world following the game (including Entire India with a population of 1.2 billion, other 10 Test Playing Nations and other Associate Nations), cricket is a huge attraction to any sports fan. Falling this year are the ultimate international competitions in the most exciting version of the sport- The ICC World T20 Championships (Sept 18- Oct 7) being hosted by Sri Lanka. All the sub-continent teams including India & Pakistan (both former World T20 Champions) and Home team Sri Lanka are keen to make the most of their known conditions and the other sides such as England (T20 World Champions 2010) & Australia will look to better their records in the shortest formats of the game.

There are many other great events happening in the world. The Nokia Champions League T20, Cricketing Series, the Football Leagues, London ATP Tour Finals, etc are all part of an exciting sports festival for the entire year. However, what makes a year or a season special is heavy competition, huge support and grand scales of the tournaments. With many events happening that happen only after a long time or those that are really exciting and hugely followed in this part of the world taking place this year, it for sure is gonna be a lot of fun!

So for now, rush and go watch your favourite sports tournaments without missing a moment. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy them happening for such great events rarely ever happen so close to each other.

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